the ASPI science

multi-faceted performance that tests and surpasses physical and psychological limits


The evaluation process is an integral component of every athlete’s program. Biomechanical evaluations help us to address patterns of deficiency, which can then be corrected to improve performance, career longevity and quality of life.


This is the cardiovascular discipline of our program. The intensity of the workouts is divided into 5 different levels, allowing the preferred energy system to systematically be trained.


The focus of the program was not only on building strength, but also flexibility and mobility.

physical therapy

This is often the most overlooked aspect of training. Recovery provides our muscles with the ability to regenerate after hard workouts, allowing the body to prepare for the next session.


We will enhance your acceleration, speed, explosiveness and change of direction mechanics by incorporating a systematic approach to training for movement.


No other discipline can have such a profound effect on performance. Nutrition can affect mood, strength, recovery, and health, and therefore, is an integral part of the daily regimen.


Our medical experts first detect any structural imbalances, weaknesses, and distortion patterns

"It was an integral part of my NFL combine success. Thru their individualized approach, they provided the foundation for me to perform at my personal best at the combine."

Dustin Keller | Miami Dolphins

"When I arrived at The ASPI, my body was worn down. The medical and ASPI staff have such great synergy. They were instrumental in maximizing my performance at the combine."

Tyson Jackson | Atlanta Falcons


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